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Season 1 2015 Pirates of Penzance

Performance dates:  Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd May 

Touring dates (tbc): Saturday 6th & Saturday 13th June 

Pirates of Penzance auditions

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd November

For further information, or to book, email

Audition Pieces:

Major-General Stanley (Baritone)

Music:             Act 1 No. 13 – “I am the very model of a modern Major – Gineral …”

Dialogue:         Following No. 13 – “And now that I’ve introduce myself” –  “only once


The Pirate King (bass Baritone)

Music:             Act 1 No. 3 – “Oh, better far to live and die …”

Dialogue:         Following Act 1 No.2 – “Well, Frederic”  –  “Live and die a Pirate King.”


Samuel (his, Lieutenant) (Baritone)

Music:             Act 1 No. 1 – “Pour, oh pour, the Pirate sherry…”

Dialogue:         As for the Pirate King


Fred’ric (the Pirate Apprentice) (Tenor)

Music:             Act 1 No. 7 – “Oh is there not one maiden breast…”

Dialogue:         Following Act 1 No. 3 – “Oh take me with you…” – “she was beautiful.”


Sergeant of Police (Bass Baritone)

Music:             Act 2 No. 10 – “When a felon…”

Dialogue:         Following Act 2 No. 9 – “Sergeant approach…” 
Sung responses to be spoken for the audition only, then on to “It is too late now.


Mabel (Soprano with a top “C”)

Music:             Act 1 No. 8 – “Poor wand’ring one…”

Dialogue:         Following Act 2 No. 9 – “Sergeant approach…” – “Go ye and do yours.”


Edith   (Mezzo)         

Music:             Act 1 No. 5 (Solo) “Let us gaily tread the measure…”

Dialogue:         Following Act 1 No. 5 – “What a picturesque spot…”


Kate & Isabel will be cast from Edith auditionees


Ruth (a Pirate Maid of all Work) (Contralto or Low Mezzo voice)

Music:             Act 1 No. 2 – “When Fred’ric was a little lad…”

Dialogue:         Following Act 1 No. 3 – “Oh, take me with you…”


Keep an eye out for audition info for 
Season 2 2015 - The Yeomen of the Guard