Audition details to be announced - keep watching this space. 

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Audition Pieces

BUNTHORNE: Baritone: B-flat 2 to G4

MUSIC: ACT I NO. 6: Am I alone

DIALOGUE: After ACT I No. 6 starting "Ah Patience come hither..."

Before No. 4 ACT II starting "Crying eh?"

GROSVENOR: Lyric Baritone: D3-G4

MUSIC: ACT II NO.4: A magnet hung in a hardware shop

DIALOGUE: After ACT I NO. 8 starting "Ah Patience! Can it be you, don't you recognise me?"

COLONEL: Baritone, Bass/Baritone: G2-E4

MUSIC: ACT I NO. 5: When I first put this uniform on

DIALOGUE: ACT II between Nos. 7 and 8 starting "Yes, it's quite clear..."

MAJOR: Baritone: B-flat 2 - E flat 4

MUSIC: ACT II NO. 7: It's clear the mediaeval art

DIALOGUE: ACT II between Nos. 7 and 8 starting "No doubt the only question.."

DUKE: Tenor: E- flat 3 - A4 - optional C-sharp 5

MUSIC: ACT I FINALE: Your maiden hearts

DIALOGUE: ACT I after No. 3 starting "Here I am.."

PATIENCE: Soprano: C4-A5 - optional D6

MUSIC: ACT I NO. 2: I cannot tell what this love may be

DIALOGUE: ACT I after No. 8 starting "Recognize you? No indeed I don't!"

LADY JANE: Contralto: G3 - F-sharp 5

MUSIC: ACT II NO. 2: Sad is that woman's lot

DIALOGUE: After ACT II No. 5 starting "too mild, adored" 

Before ACT II No. 2 starting "The fickle crew.." 

LADY ANGELA: Mezzo-Soprano: B3-E5

MUSIC: ACT I NO. 1: Love feeds on hope they say

DIALOGUE: Before No. 7 ACT I starting "Why, Patience, what is the matter?"

LADY SAPHIR: Soprano/Mezzo Soprano: C sharp 4-G5

MUSIC: ACT I NO. 4: Though so excellently wise

SEXTET from ACT I FINALE: I hear the soft note

DIALOGUE: ACT II between Nos. 7 and 8 starting "How Botticellian.."

LADY ELLA: Soprano

Cast from above.